Elenger is one of the largest and most experienced private energy groups in the eastern Baltic Sea region, with roots in 1865. We operate in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our core product and competence is natural gas which we sell in different forms and for different purposes depending on our customers’ needs – regular pipeline gas, CNG, LNG for heating, industrial use, marine and road transport.

We have direct access to both, pipeline gas and LNG sources, as well as biomethane – the renewable natural gas. In LNG, we are the leading service supplier and marine bunkering provider in the Baltic region.

We also sell electricity and produce solar power, construct and maintain district heating and gas pipelines and different energy infrastructure objects, e.g. biomethane plants, CNG and LNG stations, solar parks.

Our annual energy sales volume is around 10 TWh.

Natural gas - clean and competitive

Natural gas can be used for heating, industrial purposes and transport. Experience Elenger personal service and competitive pricing!

LNG for off-grid properties

Liquefaction of natural gas enables to transport it to the areas and properties that are not served by gas pipelines. LNG supply security guaranteed.

LNG bunkering services

We provide LNG bunkering services both on sea and on shore to all environmentally friendly ships in the Gulf of Finland area.

Cleaner roads with CNG and LNG

Natural gas is a convenient transport fuel with remarkably lower emission compared to the traditional liquid fuels. Contribute to cleaner air!

Construction and maintenance

We construct gas, district heat and other pipelines, as well as different energy infrastructure objects, e.g. CNG filling stations, bioemethane plants, solar parks.

Fighting the climate change

We contribute to the EU climate goals with active development of biomethane and solar power production - the two truly renewable local energy sources.