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LNG bunkering services

Elenger Marine is engaged in LNG bunkering and transportation with many years of solid experience. We are a major bunkering services supplier in the Baltic Sea region.

We offer both, truck-to-ship (TTS) and ship-to-ship (STS) LNG bunkering operations. The number of TTS LNG bunkering operations we have performed in the ports of Tallinn, Helsinki, Hanasaari and Hanko is well above 4000.

Our new LNG bunker vessel Optimus is capable of carrying out bunkering operations both in ports and on sea, at designated anchorage points in the Gulf of Finland area of the Baltic Sea.

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LNG on-shore solutions

Liquefaction is a means to provide natural gas to areas and properties that are not served by gas pipelines.

We operate a fleet of LNG semi-trailers and have extensive experience with various sources of supply, logistics and technological solutions. We supply LNG from all LNG terminals in the region to the Baltic States and Poland.

In tight cooperation with local country teams and our sibling construction company we help customers to install and maintenance a stationary LNG stations. We offer the possibility to rent a mobile LNG station.

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Elenger LNG bunker vessel Optimus 

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