Natural gas - clean, convenient and competitive

Personal service, competitive pricing

At Elenger our pricing considers both gas-gas and gas-oil competition and customers can choose to buy gas at a Fixed Price or based on Price Formula.

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Fixed Price

  • Fixed price for the duration of the contract
  • Protects against price changes
  • Long term stability



Price Formula

  • Includes fixed merchant and current exchange rate
  • Low stock price – lower payment, high stock price – higher payment



Advantages of natural gas

Environmentally friendly

  • High calorific value and low carbon content.
  • Helps reduce local air pollution – no SOx, 85% less NOx, no fine particles.  Avoids several related health hazards.
  • Transportation through pipelines avoids burden on roads and reduces exhaust gases and noise in our living environment.
  • Calorific value around 10.5 kWh / m3.
  • Max combustion temperature over 2100 ° C.

Competitive and convenient

  • Competitive price in the long run, reasonable initial investment and running costs. 
  • Modern gas boilers fully automated, safe and efficient.
  • Can be used in industrial processes – e.g. in building materials, glass and chemical industry.
  • Flexible consumption depending on technological needs.
  • Enables the automation of combustion processes as it achieves the desired combustion temperatures quickly and reliably.
  • Off-grid options – if pipeline is not available LNG tank with regasification unit can be built.