Autumn-winter gas supply has arrived from America

Last week the gas tanker Gui Ying from USA arrived at Finland’s Inkoo terminal, and today Seapeak Meridian arrived at Lithuania’s Klaipeda terminal, with which Elenger has secured its customers’ gas supply for the autumn-winter months.

Seapeak Meridian 

“Elenger cooperates with both large terminals in the region and is thus able to cover the gas demand of our customers. The gas storage in Latvia is full at a record level and allows us to calmly face the winter,” said Margus Kaasik, head of Elenger group.

“The leak in the Balticconnector pipe connection between Estonia and Finland that came to light this weekend does not endanger the security of supply for Elenger’s customers. There is enough gas in the storage and in the pipelines. Also, Baltic gas grid is connected to Europe, so it is possible to import gas from that direction too, if needed,“ said Kaasik.

Elenger has tripled its LNG supplies this year – instead of last year’s five cargoes, the company has brought so far 16 shiploads of LNG to the region this year.

In the past, natural gas reached our region mainly via a pipelines from Russia, this direction has been closed for almost a year and a half and a full-scale turn to LNG from the west has taken place. Natural gas is now brought with ships in liquefied form to the terminals in Inkoo in Finland and Klaipeda in Lithuania, where it is regasified and fed into the gas pipeline. The LNG supplies imported by Elenger have certificates of origin, the gas mostly comes from the United States and Norway.

Operating in five markets – Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – Elenger grew last year to become the largest private energy company in Finland and the Baltic region. The group offers its customers natural gas in the form of pipeline gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and manages the largest gas network in Estonia and Latvia. The company is actively engaged in international energy trade and develops a renewable energy portfolio in the form of solar energy and biomethane production and sales. In native market Estonia Elenger is called Eesti Gaas.