Elenger signed a contract to bring three gas cargoes to Finland

Elenger, the largest privately owned energy company in Finland and the Baltic region, signed a contract for the coming winter to bring three ice-class gas ships from Norway to Finland, Inkoo LNG terminal, negotiations are ongoing for the fourth one.

Pasi Näkki

Pasi Näkki 

According to Pasi Näkki, CEO of Elenger Suomi, securing Finland with gas is going according to plan and without any problems. “The market has managed the situation on its own and the customers’ contracts and needs have been met, we ordered the most reliable gas tankers with the highest ice class for the winter season,” said Näkki.

“After the Balticconnector incident, gas consumption in Finland has remained normal and to some extent even exceeded the Balticconnector’s capacity, gas companies and customers have been assured that Finland’s demand can be met through Inkoo,” said Näkki.

During the winter capacity distribution organized by Finland’s Inkoo LNG terminal in November, Elenger got three out of six delivery windows, which, together with one booked already earlier, allows the company to bring a total of four gas ships to Finland from December to April. The first of them will arrive in Inkoo after Christmas.

Elenger has more than tripled its LNG supply this year – instead of last year’s five shiploads, the company will bring a total of 18 cargoes to the region this year. A third of imports from Finland and the Baltic region go through Elenger.

Previously, natural gas arrived in Finland mainly from Russia via a pipeline, but the route has been closed for almost a year and a half and a full-scale turn to the west has taken place. Natural gas is now brought in liquefied form to the Inkoo terminal, where it is gasified again and fed into the gas network. The LNG supplies imported by Elenger have certificates of origin. Gas mainly comes from the United States and Norway.

Operating in five market areas – Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – Elenger grew last year to become the largest private energy company in Finland and the Baltic region. The Elenger Group offers its customers natural gas as pipeline gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and manages the largest gas networks in Estonia and Latvia. The company actively engages in international energy trading and develops a renewable energy portfolio in the form of solar energy and biomethane production and sales. In Estonia’s domestic market, Elenger’s name is Eesti Gaas.