Elenger starts delivering natural gas from the Lithuanian vessel Independence

Elenger signed a contract with the company Klaipedos Nafta, which operates the Klaipeda terminal in Lithuania, to start purchasing LNG via a floating terminal Independence in Klaipeda and transferring it to the natural gas network.  

 Margus Kaasik, member of the board of Elenger, says that purchasing natural gas via the floating terminal is a strategic step which has been a part of long-term planning. “For us, this means access to the global market while our clients will get better prices because there are more supply sources now,” Kaasik noted.

Previously, Elenger purchased LNG from the small-scale LNG terminal based in Klaipeda and transported it to Estonia by trailer trucks. The new contract aims to direct the LNG being purchased to the gas network in order to supply pipeline gas clients, including those in Finland.

Elenger signed a contract concerning the deliveries of LNG through the small-scale terminal based in Klaipeda in late 2017. Over two years, 2600 tonnes of liquefied natural gas have been purchased in Lithuania. Beside Lithuania, Elenger delivers natural gas and LNG from Russia, Latvia, Finland and Poland.

Elenger is in homeland Estonia known as Eesti Gaas.