LNG bunker vessel of Elenger Marine has been launched

The 6000 m3 LNG bunker vessel was successfully launched and named Optimus on 8th of September in the shipyard of the Dutch shipbuilding company Damen. Elenger Marine Optimus LNG bunker vessel

“After delivery in first quarter 2021, bunker vessel starts suppling this environmently friendly fuel in our home sea to wide range of different vessels including two new generation Tallink fast ferries,” said Pasi Näkki, CEO of Elenger Marine, a business unit of the Elenger group which will be in charge of bunkering activities.

“The construction of LNG ships is booming in the world. Ship transport is being transferred to the use of LNG both globally and in the Gulf of Finland, and this trend will be supported by Optimus,” said Näkki.

The service area of ​​the LNG bunker vessel will be the eastern part of the Baltic Sea, especially the Gulf of Finland. This vessel has high level of maneoverability which allows her to operate in different type of ports. She will be able to bunker tankers, cargo ships, service craft and passenger vessels both in offshore waters and inside port areas, and is able to transfer up to 1000 m3/h of liquefied natural gas to customers.

The nearly 100-meter-long LNG bunkeri vessel is being built by the Dutch company Damen. Compliance with extremely stringent safety requirements is ensured in the process of construction, and a number of control systems is duplicated. Ice class 1A is assigned to the bunkering vessel, and it will be able to render services to clients all year round.

LNG (liquefied natural gas) is characterised by very high energy content, and it is used in energy production as well as land and marine transport. It is an environmentally friendly fuel which significantly reduces the content of carbon dioxide, SOx and NOx in emissions and produces virtually no soot particles.

Primary particulars of bunker vessel Optimus:
LNG tank hold capacity: 6000 m3
Deadweight: 3300 tonnes
Length:  99.8 m
Width: 18.6 m
Speed: 13.4 knots
Transfer rate: up to 1000 m3/h
Delivery: 2021 Quarter I

Additional information:
Pasi Näkki
+358 40 773 1348
Sergei Danilov
+372 5561 79711